18 Jan 2023

by ubyte.dev

New plugin! Gameplay Tag Select

New plugin! Gameplay Tag Select

Plugin for Unreal Engine 4/5

Getting a value associated with a Gameplay Tag Container entry might require you to chain select nodes

Example from Lyra

This plugin solves that by introducing 2 new nodes:

Has Tag Select

Matches Tag Select

Has Tag Select takes a Gameplay Tag Container and returns the first option that that container has

Matches Tag Select takes a Gameplay Tag and returns the first matching option

You can either add pins manually or have them populated from a root tag's descendants


There's one major benefit of using a root tag

And that is...

You'll get notified when more tags are added to keep your graph up-to-date

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It's no longer required to manually inspect whether each possible case of a tag's descendants is handled implementation-wise

Because of this,

I hope it's useful!  Let me know what you think

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