30 Aug 2022

by ubyte.dev

What are  'Typed'  Gameplay Tags?

What are  'Typed'  Gameplay Tags?

Topic: Unreal Engine 5 C++

First of all, it's not an officially announced feature inside the engine...

It's currently just 'out there', but ubyte.dev thinks this might become part of the engine in some form

It was first discovered in UITag.h (CommonUI)

Can you see where this is going?

These are Gameplay tags with type safety

And it's absolutely brilliant!

The Categories metadata specifier ensures proper filtration on the blueprint surface

"UI.Action" gets registered as Native Gameplay Tag by GameplayTagsManager

Previously, Gameplay Tags never benefited from any kind of type safety in C++

But it always intuitively felt like the right thing to have

That's why ubyte.dev made a (temporary) standalone plugin out of this

To grasp its potential in any other project

It's available on GitHub for anyone to download

I dare the people who invented this to keep being awesome