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Setup instructions
Unreal Engine 5.0

Unreal Engine 5.0

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Gameplay Location is a plugin adds two structures (along with some other utility classes): FGameplayLocation and FGameplayLocationContainer.

The goal is to be able to simply pass around 'descriptions' of a location rather than the coordinate itself.

Unreal Engine 5.0

Unreal Engine 5.0

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Plugin setup instructions

You can skip this entire page if you’re already familiar with using third-party plugins from GitHub.

Here's an overview of all the steps to get the plugin up-and-running for your project:

  1. Get the source code from GitHub.
  2. Decide whether you want the plugin to be available for all projects of your engine version, or only one specific project.
    File path
    All projects

    /[Engine Root]/Engine/Plugins/GameplayLocation-main


    /[Project Root]/Plugins/GameplayLocation-main

  3. In the editor, go to Edit > Plugins, search for “Gameplay Location”, and toggle whether this plugin is enabled for your current project.

Getting the source code from GitHub

There are many tutorials on how to install Third-Party code plugins in Unreal Engine. Typically, you would either download the source code as ZIP file, or clone/fork the repository and fetch it with a client such as GitHub for desktop.

The latter is generally preferred over the former, as it allows you to easily track any changes made to the repository, and update your local version accordingly.

Here’s the quick and easy guide:

  1. Download the ZIP file (In GitHub, Code > Download ZIP), extract it, and place it in your project’s /Plugins directory, or in the engine’s /Plugins directory, depending on the kind of discoverability you want.

    Example: MyProject/Plugins/GameplayLocation-main/GameplayLocation.uplugin …
    Example: UE_5.0/Engine/Plugins/GameplayLocation-main/GameplayLocation.uplugin …

    Make sure the plugin supports the engine version of your project.

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