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Gameplay Tag Select

Introduces new Gameplay Tag-based select nodes that are capable of automatically generating options from a tag's descendants.
UE 4.27, 5.0 ─ 5.1
Use case
Blueprint Graph Editor • K2Node
Module specifications
UncookedOnly • Default Loading Phase
Gameplay Tag Select Editor

Plugin overview

Branch main

This plugin adds two new Gameplay Tag-based select nodes called Has Tag Select and Matches Tag Select.

They work similarly to normal select nodes but use Gameplay Tags for each option case instead. They also have the capability to:

Generate wildcard option pins automatically from all descendants of a root tag, or add option pins manually.

Toggle whether tags should match exactly or partially.

Change the type of pins that are generated.

An automatically added Gameplay Tag option pin won't prevent you from deleting that tag in Gameplay Tags Settings.

Get notified about new tags

If you're using a root tag, you'll get notified when the node can be refreshed to accustom to any newly added tag.

This is particularly useful if all descendants of a tag represent a variety of gameplay options, and you want to keep your graph up-to-date.

Orphaned pins

If the underlying Gameplay Tag of a connected/initialized pin is removed, the pin will still remain orphaned.

This ensures that any unwanted change can always be reversed.

Orphaned pins on a Has Tag Select Node in Unreal Engine 5.
UE 4.27, 5.0 ─ 5.1
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