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Switch on Gameplay Tag Descendants

Introduces a custom switch node that automatically generates out Exec pins from all descendants of a GameplayTag.
UE 4.27, 5.0 ─ 5.4
Use case
Blueprint Graph Editor • K2Node
Module specifications
Runtime • Default Loading Phase
UncookedOnly • Default Loading Phase

Gameplay Tag Switch Runtime
Gameplay Tag Switch Editor

Plugin overview

Branch v1.2.1

This plugin adds a new node called Switch on Gameplay Tag Descendants.

This switch node automatically generates out execution pins from all descendants of a particular Gameplay Tag. It also has the capability to:

Possibly evaluate and run every connected case like a sequence node.

Change whether tags should match exactly or partially.

Change the type of pins that are generated.

Only connected pins are compiled. Unconnected pins never influence runtime performance.

A Gameplay Tag being a pin won't prevent you from deleting that tag in Gameplay Tags Settings. The switch statement dynamically adjusts itself when its descendants change. 

Menu dropdown showing Switch on Gameplay Tag Descendants

Benefits over the traditional switch statement

Aside from automatic pin generation,

This new switch node uses the FName to test against the GameplayTagContainer for each relevant case.

Switch on Gameplay Tag Container does some string operations before converting the string into a comparable Gameplay Tag.
Switch on Gameplay Tag Descendants directly uses the FName after just one internal string conversion.

Creating a variety of gameplay options becomes much more maintainable, as you can immediately see which routes have not been handled yet.

You would no longer have to double-check your graphs to see if all branches for a particular tag have been handled, which is a massive time-saver.

Usage of Switch on Gameplay Tag Descendants
Here's how I currently use it
UE 4.27, 5.0 ─ 5.4
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